…the Squirrel

Lisa is a Japanese national who is currently living in Wellington, New Zealand.
Since birth, she has called five different countries her home – Australia, Japan, South Africa, Jordan, and New Zealand – and visited several more.

She is fluent in Japanese and English, has done a half-arsed attempt at French and Latin, and has dipped the very tips of her toes into Swedish.
She graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 2014, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Psychology.

She loves art, photography, psychology and languages. She likes reading, writing, playing games (card, board, video…), watching TV and films, cafe hunting, bar hopping, strolling, shopping, talking, eating and drinking.

…the Blog

To be honest, Lisa is somewhat of a lazy squirrel…she works in an office job while wishing she could do more creative stuff, but not quite taking action on it. This blog started as a way for her to work on her writing and to document other creative projects she may work on. Topics or themes will vary.

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